Anal sex or stimulation
Yuna thanked god for the wonderful snex she was having.
by Veldrimal March 05, 2005
Top Definition
a man who loves children videogames and messes wit girls online. very lonely and horny; a struggling virgin. resorts to raping poor children.
look at that snex raping the boy down the street to ease his lonelyness
by njzfinest August 06, 2005
The act of intercourse while one or more parties is adorned in a Snuggie.
(541): It was really cold last night, so we had some pretty amazing snex on the couch.
by rockinwaffles November 17, 2009
eating snacks while having sexual intercourse.
"damn dude yesterday me and mary jo were having some delicious snex in the back of my truck"
"shit son what were you eating?"
"nothing but the best, a bag of chex mix."
by n8dagreat157 August 15, 2008
The combination of the words Snack and Sex. Used to describe intercourse in a light hearted manner.
Expresses the desire for simplicity and brevity during a session. Not unlike a sample or a prelude.
Intended to satisfy or sustain sexually only for a short period of time. Much like a snack.
"I don't want to get crazy tonight. Lets just have a little snex."
by Rollin Roscoe James December 07, 2007
Face sex. Like making out but more forceful. Prolonged snogging.
A really really really long makeout session.

Dude1: Hey, we ask Trevor if he wants to come with us!
Dude2: No way. I went in there an hour ago and him and this chick were having snex.
Dude1: Ahh gross. I heard she's a freaky kisser.
Dude2: She must be. She had him in a headlock.
by Teh Nibblorz April 25, 2009
1. n. An immaculate male revered by all men and sexually desired by every female between the ages of 0 to 130 years of age.
2. adj. The quality of being godly, handsome, intelligent, and humorous.
1. That WJ is no Snex.

2. WJ cries himself to sleep nightly because he's not quite snex enough.
by ~Marissa~ April 06, 2007
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