A large suburban town, east of Atlanta, Georgia . . . consisting of 500 restaraunts, 20 theatres, and 1.8 million fake rednecks.
Wow, Snellville has a lot of fake rednecks.
by Mr. Blumkin December 12, 2004
Top Definition
Where everybody is somebody...
Snellville definition speaks for itself
by RobinVolFan October 07, 2006
A shit suburb of Atlanta.....Destroyer of my life
Who likes Snellville
by Detroit Balla May 11, 2006
The town of Snellville, Georgia.
I hate living in Snellville, it blows.
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Really small and faggish town in georiga where most of Atlanta's shit flows.
Hey isn't miriclewhip from Snellville?
Yeah that hating ass bitch from there all them sorry ass hoes is from dat bitch.
by ROLLIN 20-YC February 07, 2008
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