another word for stealing.
"Let's go to the mall and sneeze!"
by lalalala February 16, 2004
Top Definition
An orgasm experienced only on the face. It starts from the nose and it "cums" out so quickly from it like *squirt* and it all feels good.
I like sneezing...feels good.
The act of ejaculating or cumming if you are a man. So to "sneeze" means to cum.
I was sneezing so much last night when my girlfriend got her tits out.
by Henry Morgan May 25, 2007
To orally tell somebody about a new and interesting Web site.
He's been sneezing all morning about that website.
by Technoz March 22, 2006
You sit over the toilet and fart really bad with the runs.The runs; it's not exactly runny, and it's not exactly chunky, but a mix.
Dude I am sneezing into the toilet!
by Joe R. M. April 13, 2008
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