Top Definition
Icelandic term for the clitoris/clit
Can be used as a direct term or substituted for others
Man I want to touch her Sneeper


It smells like a sneeper in here...what the sneep is that all about!
by Rawdon January 12, 2006
A verb. The act of being a sneaky creeper, sometimes unknowingly. Can be one with surroundings and often has the element of surprise.
Roommate 1 sees other roommates across a crowded room and txts you "I sneep you!"

Roommate: "Sneeps! Didn't even see ya there!"
Sneeper: "Yeah I've been here all day"

Sneeper: "Do you always wear panties to bed?"
Roommate: "Not after that comment...I'll be wearing my chastity belt now"
by bffleeeeee February 04, 2010
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