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An amalgamation of the two words, seedy and needy. Generally when one has not masturbated or experienced sexual release for an extended period of time. Becoming sneedy can affect judgement i.e a 6 becomes a 9. Meaningless activities performed by a person(s) off the opposite sex make you become aroused.
Man #1 : Ummmm, you sip that coffee you dirty girl.
Man #2 : Man, you're sneedy. Go bash one out.
by Undy May 08, 2013
Adj.: 1. To be obsessive over a girl that obviously doesnt like you because youre a fag. 2. To pretend that you have a closer relationship with that girl than you actually do.
Person 1: "Why are you acting so sneedy man?"
Person 2: "Shut up dude she likes me."
Person 1: "Bro, all you do is paint your nails and try parkour. She hates you."
by Not Rachel haha August 25, 2010
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