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Bodily fuel commonly used by sneckle warriors and professors all over the U.K and Europe.
- Side effects:
Gurning, chatting your parents boxes off, unessesary debate, complete love for your friends, complete hate for your friends, fiending, session depression, smelling of piss, redicolous amounts of regret the following morning. the ability to dance like MJ, confidence in talking to the opposite sex, seedyness, extreme passion for bass music, turning into the common creep, looking like shmeagul, could end up like David boylan, making extreme plans which are never fulfilled. But overall a real jolly experience. Would recommend to any person over the age of 14.
Average review rating: 9/!0

Other common names include: Mkat, Meow, Prawn, Kat

"ere lads this is some banging sneckle"
"oii mate rack that sneckle up im hitting fucking comedown"
by Prof.Sneckle, Lord Sneck'lton April 11, 2014
A word describing a sly or sneaky hard faced person, with a keen notion for backstabbing, and general negativity

Usually apply's to females but in some case's males can be known to be sneckles. They are usually homosexual.

She will often be a conersational joy to his face, the minute his back turns she will tear him apart.

Originates in the Fife and central region's of Scotland
"Sally's a top lassie aint she?"

"You should have heard what she said about you the other day!"

"She's such a sneckle."
by Fricky7 February 09, 2013
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