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A man who doesn't put up with any sort of childish bullshit or blasphemy. God's left hand man; also, he is down with Jesus.
According to legend, a group of youngsters came up and proceed ed to steal a Bible from the Boylan. In all his power, he sent two hungry she-bears by the power of his almost-divine will to tear them limb from limb...Let's just say he got his Bible back.
by Cable Box November 22, 2006
To be hung like a horse. A womanizer. A man posessing the size, skill and drive to satisfy a woman.
That stud i was with last night was a real boylan
by satisfied wife May 01, 2008
The Most Fricken Amazing Ass Highschool Ever Started.
Welcome to Boylan Where the next 4 yrs. Will be Amazing.
by Um ok...?! =) October 20, 2007