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Steve-O from Wildboyz and Jackass created this footwear company. Skating shoes.
Dude, check out my new kicks, their Sneaux.
by The69Eyes January 01, 2006
Cajun for snow, (generally "eaux" = "o")
Down in the swamps we seldom get any sneaux.
by leonard October 02, 2003
pronounced: (snyeeooks)

when a female stands on one foot and jumps up and down, naked, and puts her other foot behind her head, and 8 men proceed to insert their penis' into her belly button.


a silly word to make fun of loser ass kids to their faces. based on the wack fucking shoes loserass fuckers like.
Dude, she likes sneaux , that's gross.
by Donna Belly Button Sex June 21, 2006
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