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A sneaky Pirate is when a man is taking a girl from behind then spits on her back making her turn around. then he will poke her in the eye with his penis.
My eye hurts from the sneaky Pirate john gave me last night
by s13dws December 07, 2006
When you cum in a girls eye and simultaneously kick her in the shin so shes limping, covering her eye and saying "Arrrrgh!"
Derek: Imma sneaky pirate Eve tonight yo.
Gerald: Mean.
by missusmactavish July 31, 2011
When a guy is fucking a girl from behind and then sneakily goes for her second hole.
Wow, Tom is such a sneaky pirate. We were having sex and he put it in the wrong hole!
by quackers88 May 20, 2014
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