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someone or something that is cool and calm at the same time.

someone who's clever and cool.
man i am so snazzy!
dude, that pen is the snazziest thing i've ever seen!
by KLM July 23, 2004
meaning of greatness, savage coolness. word originated in biblical times.
"hey Mary, thats a snazzy manger!"
"Jesus, those are some snazzy sandals!"
by Dr. Harry Gorgonzola March 24, 2008
awesome, great, spiffy, wonderful

(basically, a multi-purpose positive adjective)
"How are you?"

"I'm doing snazzy!"
by Sabrina January 23, 2004
Quite possibly the snazziest word there is.
This example is snazzy!
by Roman Gurovich January 30, 2005