noun; one who is sausage-shaped and unintelligent
verb; to act like a snausage
adjective; "snausagey" the act of being a snausage
Kallie often acts a filthy snausage
by mimer June 22, 2010
An occurence that is mind blowingly good.
Fella 1, "Dude, I got the promotion!"
Fella 2, "Snausages!"
by Nelly6994 April 21, 2009
A dog snack you usually use to reward your dog for doing something good like sitting, going to the bathroom outside, and rolloing over. Many humans enjoy snausages as well.
snausages are the shit.
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
When a girl's thighs touch down to the knee when standing straight up normally.
"Damn that bitch has got some snausages!"
by Dro Scott February 12, 2008
1: a treat used too reward an obedient dog/cat/veloceraptor when they perform a trick or do something entertaining such as:
-Roll over
-Play dead
-Cut open you friend's chest with their claws

Comes in a variety of flavors/shapes/genders.

2: a command word, issued in a high pitch voice, that gets higher in the middle AU of the word. Best done next to one's ear.
CAUTION: can cause destructive behavior if said to those that are affected by such a word.
Hutch: GRRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!(rampage ensues)
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
A snack sized sausage. Usuaully seen at holiday parties and receptions, often with a toothpick in it.
Oh man, I feel so ill, I should not have eaten so many of those snausages.
by poot1 December 11, 2006
The name describing the male crotch after being fully shaven. See turtle lips for the female definition.
Adam: "So Matt, where do you swim again?"

Matt: "Down at the YMCA by my house."

Adam: "How are the facilities?"

Matt: "They are ok, but the real highlight of my workout occurs after my swim in the locker room when I get to look at all of the snausage. Some mornings I just don't want to leave."

Adam: "Uhhh nevermind..."
by Skeezer September 13, 2003

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