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The homosexual act of oral copulation directly after having anal coitus.
"That was the best veldhar I have ever had in my life!"
"Hey man, Ill veldhar your unit for a dollar and the rest of that sandwich"
"That burger left the aftertast of a stale veldhar on a cold night in my mouht."
by skeezer August 21, 2005
The act of taking a used condom, poking a hole in the end and using it to decorate a cupcake (or if there is enough an entire cake).

A male who does this is referred to as a snausage.
See snausage for proper example.
by Skeezer September 14, 2003
The crotch area of a female after being completly shaven. See snausage for the male definition.
No example is really necessary except that you know I like french kissing them.
by Skeezer September 13, 2003
The name describing the male crotch after being fully shaven. See turtle lips for the female definition.
Adam: "So Matt, where do you swim again?"

Matt: "Down at the YMCA by my house."

Adam: "How are the facilities?"

Matt: "They are ok, but the real highlight of my workout occurs after my swim in the locker room when I get to look at all of the snausage. Some mornings I just don't want to leave."

Adam: "Uhhh nevermind..."
by Skeezer September 13, 2003
The piece of cloth on a pair of pants (or shorts) that seperates a male cameltoe from a female cameltoe.
"Hey Adam, check out that rack on the chick I hooked up with last weekend. You should have heard her scream my name."

"I don't think thats a chick man, look at the 5 o'clock shadow"

"No way, check out that cameltoe."

"Sorry Matt, thats a snausage."

by Skeezer September 04, 2003
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