A term used to accompany the theft of someone's stuff. Not burglary style, but while they are there and not paying attention. Usually for stealing food.

Also a general term of enjoyment, for getting away with something or getting out of a jam.
Group of friends at lunch:

A: Dude, can I have a french fry?
B: No, fuck off.
5 mins later
A: *Takes fry and eats* "Snatchies!"


"Dude, I'm glad that cop was asleep when we blew past him at 90!"
"Yeah especially 'cuz you're not allowed to drive after nine and we're drunk!"
by Notorious R.E.D. February 06, 2007
Top Definition
any person, usually female, that is in a bad mood
I don't know what's wrong with Priscilla. She went all snatchy on me.
by Brewkie April 14, 2003
1) To be unintentionally trashy in a sexual sexual sense. ie, slimy, sleazy or dirty without knowing it.

2) Actions or items that result in an unintentional and awkward sexual atmosphere.
1.) Those zebra print stretch pants look "snatchy" even for a stripper.

2.) Sending a cock pic along with your first text message is "snatchy" even if she said "surprise me."
by Tycho B September 27, 2013
(adj.) 1. A term used to describe someone being a crabby-no-fun-pants. 2. An undesirable taste, scent etc. 3. Bitchy, whiny.

comparative: snatchier
superlative: snatchiest
1. Fine, snatchy. Have it your way. We won't kill anybody tonight.

2. This is the snatchiest thing I've ever put in my mouth.

3. Why do you have to be so snatchy with me Snatchy McSnatch?
by Jesse Tyler May 25, 2007
A deragotary term used to define your wife. Use with caution and only when one is extremely angry.
"listen here snatchy, we're going to this party whether you like it or not."
by HANSLEAVY June 28, 2006
snatchies is used in place of dibs when dibs gets overused or too old. Snatchies overrides dibs in every situation except one where your ass gets beaten down.
Snatchies refers to snatching something, like the shotgun of a car or the last piece of pizza on a plate.
*One piece of cheesecake left*
guy 1: Dibs
guy 2: Snatchies
guy 1: *looks around to see if guy 2 is about to get his ass beaten down* dammit, you get it
guy 3: Dude, you say dibs like every 5 seconds, of course guy 2 is gonna get it
guy 2: Hellz yea
by Doomblaze December 15, 2007
1. Something snatchy is something that sucks, AKA, shitty. Sometimes used in place of shit, shitty, horrible, terrible, awful, crappy, or just plain bad.

2. A nickname for a friend that you consider to be a snatch master.
1. I can't believe I paid 10 bucks to see that snatchy Will Ferrell movie.

2. What's up, snatchy?
by boxcarjoes October 20, 2007
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