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Someone who gets close to you and then rips you apart from the inside.
The nylorac destroyed my heart.
by Locke September 08, 2004
female, singular or plura;, acting in a totally overreacting way and feeling very cool and great while doing so...
Also seen with males, but mostly homos
ohhm my god, i can`t believe i just saw becky with that punk over there actually enjoying herself, she is like so not totally in. c`mon girls, lets get a p`n m job... (pedicure n manicure
by Locke January 13, 2005
a person who is revisiting the noobish days
holy crap man you've gone renoob on us...
by Locke March 24, 2005
1. fine, dandy, okay, well, spiffy, neato, all right
2. bitchy, nasty, having a tendency to want to break your legs
1. Miriam: "hey, how are you?"
Me: "just snatchy, yourself?"
2. Miriam: "i'm going to break your legs"
Me: "don't get so snatchy on me..."
by Locke November 23, 2003
A group of eight (sometimes nine) friends who gather together occasionally and do stuff together. Such as the Summer Movie Project of 2004. There are four gals and four guys which evens it all out. Warning: Approach these people with extreme caution.
There goes The Inner Ring trying to throw somebody into the ocean again.
by Locke February 16, 2004
Said NIZ-a-tion-SA
This is a retarded word. It is a term used for anyone you dislike. It means a guy who says that he is straight yet fingers himself in the ass while he jacks-off yet says that he is straight and may even have a girlfriend.
That dude is such a gnizationsa
by Locke November 13, 2004
A sexually-transmitted disease, occuring in both male and female Gorillas. Causes bloating of the reproductive organs, increased sex-drive, as well as permanent impotence.
The odd thing about Silverbacks with Amu, is that they really want some action, but their impotent, and cannot "get it up".
by Locke October 17, 2003

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