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The forced escape of air from the vaginal cavity, causing the labia to rasp in a sound approximating Flatulence, IE, a Fart. Commonly found to occur when a female is aroused, and is being vigourously stimulated by hand or penis. The forced expulsion on the air can cause either one or a series of these sounds.

Also See : Queef
"Ah, love me minge. Had some serious snatchulence last night when he was givin' it to me good and prawper, I was queefin like a woopie cushion, so I was"
by UrbanScholar November 30, 2007
flatulence of the snatch; fanny fart; a sudden and noisome expulsion of air from the clunge during a period of horizontal jogging on the cock slab.
Horatio's explosion within Gertrude's fun box was imminent, when her snatchulence suddenly robbed his member of its former rigidity.
by Unkleben May 27, 2007
Vaginal gas.
Oh man Sherry had so much snatchulence tonight I almost threw up.

Girls I just crop dusted this whole party with my snatchulence.
by The Italian Knob November 27, 2014
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