Top Definition
'Less than Satisfactory'
Oh fuck me, that's rasp.
Fuck me mate you look rasp.
Shittt man check her out she's fucking rasp.

Basically. That shit is wacko.
by alryyyyt babbyyyy June 10, 2007
Someone with unlimited slober see mong, spends all day in the sunshine class, like tom owens.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
A common shortening referring to the gothic cello band Rasputina, led by Melora Creager.
I ordered some Rasp and JOJ CDs yesterday.
by PiraticalKat October 08, 2003
see /wordmong/word, example of Rasp typing: oghi;sdrtgihsr;rugvsadyvgasywyirgasdiaskasrgglfgi
Look at that retarded Rasp.
by daswiftguyda August 14, 2003
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