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The tightness of a woman's vagina. Various factors can effect snachlasticity, including but not limited to having a baby, being with a well-hung partner, and being a slut.
Sharon had a C-section in order to avoid loss of snatchlasticity.
by Rodger Jordan March 30, 2006
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Elasticity of the vagina. A portmanteau of snatch and "elasticity."
"More and more women are electing to have C-sections to avoid pesky labor and loss of snatchlasticity" -- headline, 30 March 2006.
by Nutrimat March 30, 2006
The measure of tightness of a woman's vagina.
That woman has slept around so much she's lost all her snatchlasticity. Like throwing hot dog down a hallway.
by just some random guy March 30, 2006
the elasticity of a woman's snatch specifically in reference to the speed at which it regains tightness after a natural birthing. can be improved by doing kegel exercises. first known usage in a discussion thread regarding cesarian sections on fark.
my girl's got mad snatchlasticity; one week after junior popped out, she was tight as ever.
by lawbot March 30, 2006
The elasticity of the vagina, especially after childbirth.
I had a C-section to preserve maxmimum snatchlasticity
by Ulatoh March 30, 2006
The tightness of a womans vagina; ability for vagina to bounce back to tightness after much use, or pregnancy
"Her snatchlasticity was good a few weeks after birth, though it helped that the baby was premature and had a small, misshapen head."
by The Crucial March 30, 2006
The ability of a woman's vagina to return to form. Usually used to refer to women that have given birth to one or more children already, as they'll likely lose this ability w/o the help of Dr. Kegel's exercises.
More and more women are electing to have C-sections to avoid pesky labor and loss of snatchlasticity.
by cnut stolen March 30, 2006

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