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Name for an unfriendly woman. Similiar to C U Next Tuesday
My god, my english teacher is such a snatchbag.
by Math Man September 23, 2005
Or 'Snatch Bag; - Its a word used to describe a womans punani, when bent over and only wearing a thong. It displays what can only be described as a snatchbag.
"Hey, check the snatchbag out on that hottie!"
by ol$tar July 11, 2006
word to call someone when they are geed or just really piss you off. can be used without the bag and just as snatch.

conversion factor= 22snatches in a snatchbag
JJ is a snatchbag.

Geedlings are also snatchbags.
by Timmeur November 18, 2003

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