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A derogatory term for snow.
Guy 1: "Dude, look at all that snast falling from the sky!"
Guy 2: "I know, right? I hate it when it's so snasty outside. We better get a snow day to make up for this."
by D Raj January 11, 2011
To sneeze into a envelope and then send it.
Darryl: Man, Taylor is a jerk!
Jimothy: Dude, we should snast her!
by adamcucinelli April 07, 2011
"That bitch is SNAST!"

As in, "That bitch is SUPER NASTY!"
by Ekat January 25, 2009
the inner lining of a badger's vagina.

1. Man, that male badger got some major snast last night.

2. The snast of a female badger secretes a unique lubricant which aids in badger intercourse.

3. The makers of Balderdash were clearly mistaken in thinking that "snast" meant "the wick of a candle." It's obvious that "snast" refers to the genitalia of a female badger.

by iohihdg February 29, 2008
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