Common: Scotland.Blatant cheek as in 'little squirt'.
I told those kids off for giving Old Charlie a lot of snash.
by Cojiee October 22, 2007
Top Definition
An old Scottish word that means verbal insolence.
Daughter: You would think that,'cause you were born in the stone age.

Mother: I've had enough of your snash!
by Karl Marcus August 10, 2007
To get loads of assists in football
Ashley Cole will snash it in Serie A
by Chris Hayman July 07, 2014
The feeling you get when you take a drink of something but expected it to be another beverage. This word was made up Dec. 31st 1999, at a local hang out called The Bar-N during a night of heavy drinking.
I just snashed so hard dude, I took a drink of my cola but for some reason i thought it was water.
by C the Ltown CLown June 02, 2007
Snash founded on the date of 4/20

Short for Steve Nash a professional basket ball player for the NBA.

History- Steve Nash because he was able to do a feat of winning two consecutive MVP awards as the star player for the Phoenix Suns.

Snash- (Sa-Na-Ash) to magnify beyond the limits of truth; overkill; represent disproportionately: to exaggerate the difficulties of a situation. to bound or limit spatially; form or be situated at the extremity of.

The poor guy got snashed and he was already unconscious.
The L.A. Lakers are going to snash this season.
That's a pretty girl i wouldn't mind snashing.
by Twiggris April 20, 2008
The sudden release of language when there is nothing else to say. Can also be used to describe the world's many wonders.
Oh, Snash!
That snake looks pretty snash huh?
by The Shniz October 03, 2006

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