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4 definitions by Cojiee

Old fashioned word, commonly, a female domestic servant (or) chambermaid.Replaced later with chambermaid, sometimes known as a 'char'
This ungrateful little skivvy was dismissed from the household when caught stealing from the Master's bedroom.
Mostly a derogatory term, demeaning to the recipient,indicates subserviance.
by Cojiee November 03, 2007
100 38
Cheap low-life female, usually predatory,trashily dressed who'll offer herself for sex at every opportunity, an expert at 'Man-snatching': men who already have a respectable female partner.
A destroyer of relationships, slutty, bad-mouthed, overly made up harridans who love any form of sexual contact, often at the expense of established relationships.
Rachel is a right slag!, three times this week she's hung around the pool room and has succeeded in shagging four married men!
by Cojiee November 03, 2007
40 16
An old Scots word meaning to wipe; as in, clean.
"It's high time you gave that floor a dicht!"
"Go and gie yer face a dicht!"
by Cojiee November 03, 2007
13 1
Common: Scotland.Blatant cheek as in 'little squirt'.
I told those kids off for giving Old Charlie a lot of snash.
by Cojiee October 22, 2007
27 41