Use of sarcasm or malice in speech. Commonly found in the LiveJournal community. also snarky, snarkiness.
Not to be snarky, but I don't see how what you're saying makes any sense.

"Oh, well, *that's* a good idea. How about we *all* follow *you* and jump off a cliff like lemmings?" she said snarkily.
by kathy September 30, 2003
A commonly used phrase by the cool kids in a virtual world known as Second Life. Other variations include : Snarkleberries, Snarkles, Snarknuggets, Snarklepuffs, etc.
"Omg what a noob... hahahahahahahaha SNARK!!!"
by NellsAndCreole May 16, 2010
One who sits in their bathwater, farts, then snaps at the bubbles with their mouth.
Make sure he takes a shower, he's a snark. If he takes a bath he'll be farting and snapping at the bubbles for hours.
by ABBent September 11, 2011
A canine that is a mix of Doberman, Rotteweiler, Pit Bull, (and maybe Boxer, Bloodhound and Pointer)
Damn, Snark just jumped up on the couch and stomped my nuts, then Snarked me in the face!!!
by Snark Master December 02, 2010
The action of licking another person's belly button. Commonly regarded as super weird, gross, and tickly.
-"They snarked all night long."
-"Oh my God, gross."
by I<3Liam! October 20, 2010
A person obsessed with smelling women's bicycle seats. Usually male.
"That guy is seriously a snark."
by snarker69 July 10, 2009

A smart ass remark made by wanna be hipsters who think they cloak their douchebaggery in a self important sense of fey cleverness and ironic witticism.

Usually those who make "snarky" remarks , can expect to receive a punch to the face , which usually results in cries of injustice, inevitably leading to an apology for bleeding all over the aggressors shirt after being punched again for being a whiny little bitch.

That hipster douchebag made some snarky remark , so I punched him in his skinny pants face. He started crying so I hit him again, then he apologized for bleeding all over my shirt like the little bitch he is.
by VousEnculez April 16, 2009
A often-overused phrase that originally meant a loving, yet evil kind of sarcasm. Now, spreading like crabs at a whorehouse to even the real world, it signifies the horrifying end of real humor as we know it.
OMG! They said "Snark" on Entertainment Tonight!! Oooh, snap! Shout-out!
by AfterBirth April 15, 2006
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