To grab, to snatch, to steal legally. See also "yoink" and "gank".
My brother snarked the last cookie!
by CallistaZM December 19, 2006
Similar to troll, this is a type of individual who scopes out Craigslist and flags listings for no apparent reason; or because it may interfere and/or compete with one of their own.
"No Jim, I didn't post any photos in the ad as the snarks might decide to flag it."
by damselinthisdress November 17, 2008
To accidentally get something lodged in your nasal cavity, after choking. Often occurs when swallowing food wrongly, or during puking, when food is shooting upwards into your mouth. The victim usually spends time making disgusting noises with their sinuses to get the rogue item out of their nasal cavity. Sometimes, when the item is dislodged, it gets stuck in the throat again, renewing the process.
I was choking on a piece of food and when I hacked it up, I snarked it. It took me forever to get it back down.
by MrChowWow April 11, 2006
to covet or hoard the ladies at a sausage fest party
Dude mark is totally snarking all the hotties here!
by mklizzle March 19, 2006
synonym for slobber, spit, or saliva. Snark is produced in large quantities by large breed dogs and babies.
That big dog jumped up on me and I got covered in snark!

My baby sister's shirt was soaked with baby snark.
by Beni December 20, 2005
an abriviation for Snotty, (k)Now-it-all, Annoying, Rotten, Kids

it was used a lot to descibe campers at an english horse riding summer camp
Those campers last week were such snarks!
by Super Geek November 09, 2005
1. to have playful, fun sex. (intransitive verb)
2. to pleasure one's partner in bed (transitive verb)
1. We snarked all afternoon.
2. We snarked each other until we were too tired to move.
by Confederate dunce February 21, 2007
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