Snare, some rutho kid from sydney aus.
Snare oner is heaps rutho.
by Snareoner May 04, 2008
Top Definition
widely used limerick term. meaning "for the laugh" or jus de general snare.
-i'l do it for de snare
-snare de balls off me
by Subtle08 February 07, 2008
1. A trapping device, often consisting of a noose, used for capturing berds and small mammals.

2. Any of the wires or cords stretched across the lower drumhead of a snare drum so as to vibrate against it.

3. Greek delicacy.
"I just spilled coolant all over my snare!"

Person 1: "Something stinks!"
Person 2: "I do believe it is Snare"
by Chooked May 01, 2006
An unsatisfying hand job.
Can I have another snare, the last one was MOST unsatisfying.
by chunkylover351 July 30, 2009
Limerick City slang term mostly used around the city area.
we got some snare (laugh) last night man. that film last night was a snare.
by duckduckcityyy July 27, 2013
A Keystone. A cheap, abundant, watered down beer that is extremely popular with students and the youthes of Upstate New Yorks city of Ithaca.
"last Saturday I was at this party with a snare in my hand when my buddy Quintin told me we were all out of snares! I was so pissed I punched a wall."
by dbarken February 10, 2008
Verb--meaning to smoke weed or get high.

Stefan- Dood Tamika-Renae you gonna snare?

Tamika-Renae- Yea yoo bet I'm down for a nice McSnare.
by Falling Tree Stands Still March 17, 2009
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