Snapping is when you have a thumb in a girl's ass and a finger in her cunt and you snap them through the thin membrane that separates heaven from hell.
Genevieve just about peed herself when I started snapping.
by Fav December 02, 2006
Top Definition

smoking a load until the weed in the bowl peice get sucked into the water.
"Dude this kid is snapping a 5er in one hit."
by Filip January 05, 2005
When you are in and out of a light nap not quite sleeping
I was almost asleep when the phone rang awakening me from my snapping
by Disexlia boy May 02, 2010
when a girl tries to grind or pop-and-lock so vigorously that she starts to look like she's going to snap
dude:what a whore
other dude: I know, she's snapping hard!
by sidsid February 16, 2008
when your mom walks in when you are jacking off so u snap (or bend) your boner in half so she dosent see
(guy spanking the monkey)(mom walks in)
guy:hey mom
mom:hey hun, watcha doing
guy: oh nothing
(that guy was totally snapping!)
by Dj&Bm October 12, 2007
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