good shit
"Hey Corey how did you like that new Lupe song?"


white people translation:"wow that was a fantastic rap song. his lyricas were amazing and his flow was fantastic"
by mix master fresh September 12, 2013
Top Definition
To have lost one's sanity; to have been broken under intense pressure mentally.
The murderer finally snapped and confessed after the interrogator drilled him with questions for over twelve hours.
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005
to become insanely enraged
The woman snapped and killed her husband.
by Gerard Irick December 01, 2009
New Zealand slang for getting caught doing something illegal or something you shouldn’t be doing. Normally involving things such as graffiti or tagging, alcohol and drugs.
"Oh i got snapped smocking last night"
"Shame. I got snapped stealing alcohol"
"Yeah well i got snapped macking out with Elliots ex-girlfriend"
by crystalclear September 16, 2006
very pissed off or mad. Generally crazy person.
brah! that guy is snapped!
by T24 October 24, 2007
Opposite of flopped; when someone comes thru.
"Yooo, Max just snapped on that music, it was so bumpin'"
by sonessssss June 28, 2015
Adjective; When someone retorts with a biting comeback and says 'snap', you have been 'snapped.'
And then I said to Noah, "Your face is English. SNAP." So yes, I snapped Noah.
by hrobs2112 December 19, 2012
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