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Similiar to nano nap....

A short, unintentional dozing off while at a lecture, boring meeting etc. Usually so short that only you notice it, while other are unaware of your conduct.
I was listening to boring Paul again and I think I had a snap nap.

Did you ever have a snap nap at work?
by Bartholomew Palik August 14, 2007
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Noun - To lightly sleep or doze gently for a brief period of time. (Concocted to replace the redundant and oxymoronic "Power Nap). Coined on 09/19/2010.

See also: Zip Nap.
David saw that Eddie was exhausted, and suggested he take a mid-day Snap-Nap to refresh himself.
by SleepySnoozer September 20, 2010

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