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A gang in Jax Beach. It's rivals are the wolfmilks.
Dont fuck with him, he's a snaketit!
by Rusty Assfuck July 29, 2008
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When a girls titties are as slender and long as a snake.
Dude: Did you see her long snake tits man!
Man: Yeah dude she was all the way in the living room and those snake tits were in the kitchen.
by I-sack-1200 August 19, 2011
A word to yell at people walking on the side of the street while driving around.
Driver: I see somebody walking on the right
Passenger: (rows down window) SNAKETIT!
Walker: What the F? Do snakes even have tits?
by n a t h a n November 29, 2007

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