When you are smoking some grade with some friends this is when a "Snakeing" can occur.

When you have the Spliff, and have had your tokes on it, go to pass it to the person who is next, and when they go to reach for it take another drag fast and THEN pass them the spliff. this is known as being Snaked.

G-roc has the spliff and has had his burns.

G-roc goes to hand the spliff to Konky, Konky goes to take it, G-roc takes a fasst drag before he can take the spliff.

The other people that have just wittnesed the Snake then proceed to say something along the lines of :

"Ohhhhh shiiiiiit man!!!!! you got SNAKED!!!!"

this is then followed by some laughter.
by Darkjedi March 07, 2007
1.A state of being physically naked, bearing no clothes whats so ever, while in a chat room via Playstation 3 with Snake201's sister

2. Whacking off to either Snake201's sister, Snakes, Women covered with Snakes, or to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Son's of Liberty being played on a high definition T.V.
"Dude, I was wanking myself while I was Snaked, and Snake's sis cherished every second of it"
"I Snaked myself to sleep every night after I have said my prayers"
by Noodle03 November 02, 2007
When a person who is far greater than another person does something to them to achieve a mischevious out come. Usually followed by a hooked finger swinging happily and the person who was snaked, saying "You totally snaked my ass"
Dave finds a live snake on the ground while camping in the woods. He then takes the snake and throws it on his gf. She screams aloud "ekkkkkk" "get the flipping thing out of my hair". Dave smiling and dancing says "sssssssnaked!" Wildly swinging a hooked finger in a swooshing motion. Then the gf says, "You totally snaked my ass"

Second example
After his gf fell to sleep in the truck, dave slammed on the breaks of his truck while screaming wildly along side of the rest of the passengers in the car to try and startle his gf. The people go "ahhhhhhhh!" and the gf goes "AHHHHHHHHH!" wildly looking ahead with a look of death on her face. Then dave says, "snaked yet again!"
"whammt, on you"
by dave (the man) marsh November 14, 2006
To hang your penis out the window of your car while next to somebody, and start shaking it, usually slapping it on the door of your car.
Man I thought that guy was going to cry when I snaked him yesterday
by IcysLover July 26, 2006

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