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A group of snack loving individuals who came together early in 2016 in the name of clowning YallQaeda. They are a diverse group, and there are rumors they may be agents of some shadow arm of the US government, perhaps well paid trolls bent on destroying the so-called militia in Burns, Oregon. They love snacks and they worship a deity named simply "Mildred". Not much else is known about this secretive group.
Snacktivists worship Mildred.
by Curbb May 02, 2016
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People who aren't really interested in a cause but heard there was free food
Activist: Hey man, are coming to the rally?
Snacktivist: Nah, pretty busy these days
Activist: Did I tell you there are free cookies?
Snacktivist: Where do I sign up?!
by exiledoz February 23, 2014
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