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Show Me Your Pussy- term generally used to insult a man (by literally asking to see their vagina) who is unwilling to participate in a usually straight and entertaining event.
person1: yo you tryna get hurt(drunk) 2nite?
person2: nah im takin it easy 2nite
person1: SMYP!

man1: lets bring back some new bitches 2nite
man2: u know my girlfriend wouldnt approve this

guy1: lets get a football game goin
guy2: touch?
guy1: nah SMYP, tackle.
by dre. day October 02, 2009
"S my P" is a discrete way to let someone know that you Shit your Pants. It is for people who are either ashamed of their activity or want to make light of the situation.

However, "S my P" is not to be confused with "S my D," which refers to Suck my Dick or "S my C," which refers to Suck my Clit. This should be easy to keep straight in your head because no one says, "Suck my Penis."
Caitlin: "Hey John, I think I S'ed by P! Help."

John: "No worries! I got some backup pants in the trunk. I S my P all the time!"
by C.B.O. December 04, 2010
Show Me Your Poop
Hey dude, before you get out of that bathroom, make sure you SMYP.
by TCMUN March 02, 2011

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