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when a man gets his penis out a whacks a woman around the face also known as "turkish hammer"
"yep i smurfed that whore and then she sucked my cock"
by Dick-slap-dave April 29, 2008
a slang term used in miami florida that can mean anything often used as a noun originally derived from a cartoon with weird blue men,the word was made by three friends now known as the foundation
Joe:''Dude i smurfed smurfette all over her smurfing face smurf''!
Phil:''No Smurfin way''!
by The Smurf King August 27, 2008
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
Can be used in place of ANY word in the English language.
After the party, I was going to smurf the smurf outta Smurfette at my house, but she smurfed my smurf in the smurfing parking lot.
by Headman July 13, 2005