when a man gets his penis out a whacks a woman around the face also known as "turkish hammer"
"yep i smurfed that whore and then she sucked my cock"
by Dick-slap-dave April 29, 2008
a slang term used in miami florida that can mean anything often used as a noun originally derived from a cartoon with weird blue men,the word was made by three friends now known as the foundation
Joe:''Dude i smurfed smurfette all over her smurfing face smurf''!
Phil:''No Smurfin way''!
by The Smurf King August 27, 2008
Can be used in place of ANY word in the English language.
After the party, I was going to smurf the smurf outta Smurfette at my house, but she smurfed my smurf in the smurfing parking lot.
by Headman July 13, 2005
In the world of gaming, particularly massive online battle arenas (MOBAs), an experienced player who plays on a low-level account. This type of person is typically an egocentric and unsympathetic piece of human filth who ruins the gaming experience of actually inexperienced players by making them completely unable to play the game.

Being a smurf stems from deep-seated insecurity about one's value in life, in response to which the smurf seeks to confirm to himself his self-worth by proving that he is better than someone at something.
Gamer's friend: Dude, you're getting destroyed.
Gamer: Yeah, this fucking bag-o-dicks smurf gets off on ruining other people's games.
by Lezzer7 May 24, 2016
Police officers/Cops

Because they dress in Blue and have white vehicles (in most countries Blue and White)
Don't speed up dude, there are smurfs behind us.
by masongr March 20, 2016
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