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A person who owns everything and anything
cc-Cochese was railed by Smurf.
xTdMyzE was railed by Smurf.
xTlaz0r was railed by Smurf.
by Fierce June 07, 2003
1 16
A person who sits on IRC all day while smoking cigarettes. When he sleeps, which is rare, he does so on a mattress made of CPU fans. Curse his metal body.
R.I.P. sMURF, 1984-2006
by plankton_king March 22, 2003
5 21
Secret Military Underground Rightwing Force
Watch what you say the S.M.U.R.F.'s might have this place bugged.
by Rev. C. Frank Lee September 10, 2005
15 32
used in place of the work fuck
smurf you, you smurfing freak
by DI February 23, 2004
3 20
refers to the height of Keith Bonano..a 4 foot 7 midget.

man, that smurf got blue all oover him
by keith January 23, 2003
1 18
when a man gets his penis out a whacks a woman around the face also known as "turkish hammer"
"yep i smurfed that whore and then she sucked my cock"
by Dick-slap-dave April 29, 2008
11 35
a slang term used in miami florida that can mean anything often used as a noun originally derived from a cartoon with weird blue men,the word was made by three friends now known as the foundation
Joe:''Dude i smurfed smurfette all over her smurfing face smurf''!
Phil:''No Smurfin way''!
by The Smurf King August 27, 2008
1 30