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a smutty pun
He sees himself as quite the smoothy with the ladies, but he’s just a total bore with a bunch of corny smuns.
#smut #vulgarity #pun #joke #witticism
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ July 29, 2011
to smoke weed; smun = smoke/fun
Yo, I just bought an ounce of some good kryptaconalite (weed) so that we could smun and get blasted!
Smunning inside a small, closed, non-ventalated area is fun.
Shit, smunning gave me a mean case of munchies.
In Amsterdam it's legal to smun, so I'm moving to Amsterdam, baby!
#smun #smoke #fun #pot #weed #dime #ounce
by Vinh-da-bin June 25, 2007
n. someone who fails to perform paperwork necessary to a mechanical job, an extreme version of the word "savant" used sarcastically
Damn that smun, Troy! This is the third week in a row he didn't turn in his timesheet!
#layabout #lazy #slacker #bum #savant
by Great Western Satan August 15, 2008
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