A short word for "shaved muff". Ideal.
Man, last night I went down Becky's pants, and there was nothing but smooth, non-hairy smuff. :)
by Kevin Raymond April 03, 2008
Top Definition
Smuff is a uni-sex tubular seamless versatile washable garment of extremely soft feel made of 100% breathable sweat-absorbing colorfast microfiber material that can be worn in a variety of ways, providing a high level of comfort, protection, and style during different kinds of outdoor activities, driving, and recreational activities including sports etc.
Hey that smuff looks cool.
by godlyfigure November 25, 2011
Smut+Fluff=Smuff. The addition of fluffiness to a smutfic. Fanfiction term coined by Frulie. See Fruliesmut and Flanst.
"Wow, they were totally having kinky, tie-grabbing, Kilt-sex on a tea table while doing some laundry and the next thing you know she had them being all lovey-dovey! It was total Smuff!"
by Chrystal Barr June 16, 2004
the mixed semen and saliva bridge spanning the gap between the upper and lower lips of a person who just performed oral sex
"Can I get a kiss now?"
"Nope, get out of here with that smuff mouth."
by Dash Carl September 24, 2011
V. To hog or take more than your fair share. Usually in reference to smoking marijuana.
That dude is such a smuffer. He hit the blunt four times before passing it.
by Dr. Hugh G. Rekshun May 26, 2014
A molding of the two words small and stuff. Meaning any and everything that is small yet intriguing.
They recently came out with a miniature pig that you can keep as a pet, now that is awesome smuff!
by smuffed October 24, 2009
A woman's vagina that is both dirty and hairy, a combination of a snatch and a muff.
"Yea she looked hot but she had a total smuff."
by Earthwreck24 December 10, 2009
The original smuff. To smuff is for a mildly attractive woman with a hairy downstairs to smother a poor guy (or girl, or farm animal) with her goods. Some are willing participants and bring snorkels, while others are caught off-guard, often being woken up from the hair bomb.
"Heather was surprised at 3am when Blair smuffed her good, right in the kisser. Heather temporarily lost consciousness."

by wbeachdan April 17, 2008
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