acronym for "Squeeze ma titties"
( . )( . )
Yo dat bro ova der was fiiiine. I wanna tell him to SMT and then he can be all like SMD
by Suck ma jewce April 23, 2009
Top Definition
short for "sucking my teeth" often used in instant messaging
Rob: Can you help me with my hw?

Kathy: No way!

Rob:'re no help.
by j tha ladykilla August 14, 2009
An acronym standing for "suck my teets/tits". Commonly used by females, the counterargument of SMD or suck my dick. chong.
Jack: Hey Jill, why don't you just suck my dick?
Jill: You know what Jack? SMT.
Jack: SMT? What the hell is that?
Jill: Suck my teets you artard
by CACHINGA HONK December 15, 2010
Suck My Teeth
SMT - Suck My Teeth, Sucking on your teeth.
by bunfiya242 October 21, 2009
An acronym for "Sucking My Teeth".

Something that you do when someone else does something Incredibly retarded or just plain annoying.
*Derek and Ashley are texting
Ashley:Hey WYD Baby?
Ashley:So...y dnt u come over?
Derek: Srry cnt gotta be at work in an hr.
Ashley: :(....Y dnt you ever want 2 spend time with me ?
Derek:SMT r you forreal?...U know wat I'll ttyl.
by DoUgHboyL June 18, 2013
The act of telling someone to suck your toes.

1: Wow, smd.
2: I don't know whatchu talkin' bout but you can smt.
by courtnequa September 07, 2012
Acronym for suck my titties. Best used on the internet when someone is acting childish.
If you're gonna keep acting like a baby then you can SMT.
by You'reAWizardHarry June 28, 2013
Shakin my Twat. Some people use SMH, shakin my head when they disapprove of something
I fucked up last night. That guy was so ugly. SMT
by MonkeysForever November 13, 2010
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