Smotch is really anything you want it to be, it has a million different possibilities
This party is smotchin!!

Smotch this!
by original thinker of smotch June 26, 2010
Top Definition
When two people simultaneously watching the same movie in two different locations while communicating over an instant messenger application. Often requires a count down to start the movie at the same time. Toilet breaks can be a nuisance, as well as slow buffering speeds.
Saad: Hey Sima, wanna smotch a movie tonight?

Sima: yh sure, what do you have in mind?

Saad: I was thinking Dead Poets Society

Sima: Sounds good, I'm just doing an abs work out. Is 9 o'clock a good time to start?
by Mr Brightside August 18, 2014
A word started by Here Lies The Traitor, this is in essence a relatively useless insult, but still makes an impact.
"Ton is a dirty smotch"
by hawhaw November 01, 2007
A smacking, sloppy, messy, noise people make when they are chewing gum or food.
Don't smotch your food!

Stop smotching your gum!
by AntisocialRecluse August 31, 2009
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