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A smacking, sloppy, messy, noise people make when they are chewing gum or food.
Don't smotch your food!

Stop smotching your gum!
by AntisocialRecluse August 31, 2009
A word started by Here Lies The Traitor, this is in essence a relatively useless insult, but still makes an impact.
"Ton is a dirty smotch"
by hawhaw November 01, 2007
When two people simultaneously watching the same movie in two different locations while communicating over an instant messenger application. Often requires a count down to start the movie at the same time. Toilet breaks can be a nuisance, as well as slow buffering speeds.
Saad: Hey Sima, wanna smotch a movie tonight?

Sima: yh sure, what do you have in mind?

Saad: I was thinking Dead Poets Society

Sima: Sounds good, I'm just doing an abs work out. Is 9 o'clock a good time to start?
by Mr Brightside August 18, 2014
Smotch is really anything you want it to be, it has a million different possibilities
This party is smotchin!!

Smotch this!
by original thinker of smotch June 26, 2010