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smorgy! An orgy of St. Matthew's students, referring to the phenomenon that occurs on grand cayman's St Matthew's University Medical School. Many of the students, although in relationsihps in their respective hometowns, prefer to cheat on their significant others when on the island...resulting in one big smorgy.
Bob: yoo you see that girl at Palms last night? She was totally on your johnson, you should hit that!

George: yeah man i was totally gonna do it but then i heard she had sex with John and Rick already...i'm not tryina get pulled into a smorgy you know?

Bob: true.

George: true.
by Super Chocolate Bear November 18, 2009
An amazing orgy with lots of High-sex-drive fat people.
"Think if I ate nothing but donuts for 3 months straight I could join the Sumo team for an awesome S'morgy?!"
by Breeish April 08, 2008
(n) An event where s'mores are created on open fire and consumed with a large number of people.

Also, (proper noun) a specific event name at Stanford University where students of a specific class convene to socialize and enjoy music from live bands or music. This event started with the Stanford class of 2008 during their sophomore year in 2005-2006. In this case, smorgy was a concoction of sophomores, s'mores, and orgy.
The smorgy at Lake Lag last night was sticky and wet.
by cardinal band November 07, 2007
The true definition starts with a batch of good ol' smores.After these are done you call up a couple of the hoes and then have a big orgy while eating the smores.Its delicious.
Hey Bob remember when we called Kelly and Jessica up and had that smorgy.That was awesome.
by Troy P. August 13, 2006
1. What happens when you're camping and drinking with a couple of your best girlfriends.
That smorgy last night was so hot, you fucked me so hard I needed stitches.
by Jen Gagnon July 26, 2005
When two mexicans (graham crackers), a caucasian (marshmallow), and black (chocolate) have an orgy.
BOB: yo ron!! what did you do last night?!
RON: had a smorgy!!!
BOB: with those two spics living in the storage next to you and that porch monkey down the road?
RON: yeahhhhh, getting me some mexican pussy!
BOB: gotta love those loose fish tacos!
by rawrawrawrah July 23, 2007