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A large array of things to choose from.
The salmon of Doubt is the ultimate smorgasbord of the insanities, urbanities and wonders of life, the universe and everything.
by Andreas_220689 July 06, 2005
A swedish word used when you have diffrent types of bread and juice and other things, and you can pick what you want, similar to a buffé.

smorgasbord in english...
We're going to have a smorgasbord tomorrow
by CraCKtobeR April 10, 2005
From Swedish smorgas meaning open sandwich and bord meaning table. A smorgasbord is typically a lunch buffet-style meal containing hors d'oeuvrs, hot and cold meats, smoked and pickled fish, cheese, salads, and relishes.
That smorgasbord was delicious.
by SomeoneWhoIsSpecial August 11, 2010
smor-gas-bord; noun.

A game similar to beer pong. Using fifteen cups, the first two rows, three cups total, are to be filled with shots; typically Vitali or Svedka. The next two rows are to be filled with beer. The last and longest row is filled with champagne or wine.
"Playing smorgasbord all night at onderland.. down to come?"
"Dunno, bro.. I always get way too smashed."
by Crashgasm November 01, 2009
1- (n.) A variant of traditional beer funneling, where the funnel-filler layers various amounts of random, readily accessible booze into a predetermined amount of beer. Usually topped off with Sambuca.

2- (v.) To create and/or ingest a smorgasbord.
1- Get your camera ready, dude. He thinks he's only funneling beer, not a Colt 45-and-gin smorgasbord.

2- All I brought to the party was Beast and this toilet wine I made last week. I'm gonna smorgasbord the shit out of this party.
by sweetbeejesus June 11, 2010
1. A large variety or things

2. A buffet meal with many hot and cold foods
Cobain: "I'm not a smorgasbord"
by Bryan Hunt February 11, 2007
A smorgasbord is an old Swedish tradition which involves binge drinking, raping, pillaging, and quite climatically a feast of raw baby parts. Generally, all guests of the smorgasbord should be wearing fur loin cloths and have dried blood clots located across various parts of the body. All verbal communication should be kept to an evolutionary minimum and any and all adjectives should be reduced to grunts and bloodied index fingers thrusted in the direction of the baby body part in question. Utensils are strictly prohibited.
Sven - "Olaf, did you check out that smorgasbord the other night?"

Olaf - "Bro, I ate like five babies after I got shithoused and pillaged that impoverished village."

Sven - "Tiiiiight"
by Jhemp September 01, 2009
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