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1 definition by Jhemp

A smorgasbord is an old Swedish tradition which involves binge drinking, raping, pillaging, and quite climatically a feast of raw baby parts. Generally, all guests of the smorgasbord should be wearing fur loin cloths and have dried blood clots located across various parts of the body. All verbal communication should be kept to an evolutionary minimum and any and all adjectives should be reduced to grunts and bloodied index fingers thrusted in the direction of the baby body part in question. Utensils are strictly prohibited.
Sven - "Olaf, did you check out that smorgasbord the other night?"

Olaf - "Bro, I ate like five babies after I got shithoused and pillaged that impoverished village."

Sven - "Tiiiiight"
by Jhemp September 01, 2009