When things are understood, going well or went well.
Bubba: How are things?
Joe Smokey: Things are awesome!
Bubba: Smoothies!
by hdfrey August 23, 2010
Top Definition
A smoothy talkin person, someone who has a way with words!
Kavan "hey what ya sayin? 369 Damn Your Fine!!"

Tara "Thank you, your a rare smoothy!"

Kavan "if you think i have a way with word, you should see me paint a picture!!, Che Mayn!!"
by Kavan November 24, 2005
Fruity drinks that rock your world in there many flavors!
omg lets go buy some smoothies!
by heartbroken14 </3 August 07, 2009
an iron, something that smoothes wrinkles
i went to my ho's house to get some stank on my hang down and she hit me with a smoothy
by fruetel November 17, 2006
A term started in the bay area, san francisco to be exact. It refers to somethin be cool,smooth, or good.

How was your day today?

It was smoothies bra !
by ERRRICA February 11, 2009
inviting a woman (or whore) to your place for sex.
Mark: Would you like to come over for smoothies?
Alicia: O hell yea i love smoothies!
by ndm August 30, 2005
A handheld club,used to render a person unconsious quickly. Usually a leather flail with lead balls inside. Also called a flap-jack.
That muthafucker was talking shit, but when he tried to jump, I busted him upside the head with a smoothy
by DICKSTRATEN July 10, 2008

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