When a persons genitilia is neither penis or vagina, just smooth skin. Probably no hair either. Otherwise known as a eunich.
Dude, did you see that guy? He had such a smoothy, man Marty isn't gonna believe this!
by stank mofo nutz July 24, 2003
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A smoothy talkin person, someone who has a way with words!
Kavan "hey what ya sayin? 369 Damn Your Fine!!"

Tara "Thank you, your a rare smoothy!"

Kavan "if you think i have a way with word, you should see me paint a picture!!, Che Mayn!!"
by Kavan November 24, 2005
Fruity drinks that rock your world in there many flavors!
omg lets go buy some smoothies!
by heartbroken14 </3 August 07, 2009
an iron, something that smoothes wrinkles
i went to my ho's house to get some stank on my hang down and she hit me with a smoothy
by fruetel November 17, 2006
A term started in the bay area, san francisco to be exact. It refers to somethin be cool,smooth, or good.

How was your day today?

It was smoothies bra !
by ERRRICA February 11, 2009
inviting a woman (or whore) to your place for sex.
Mark: Would you like to come over for smoothies?
Alicia: O hell yea i love smoothies!
by ndm August 30, 2005
A Bay Area expression for being on reasonably good terms with another individual or group.
"We was beefin', but we quashed that beef and now we's on smoothies."
by mizensla July 11, 2009
A handheld club,used to render a person unconsious quickly. Usually a leather flail with lead balls inside. Also called a flap-jack.
That muthafucker was talking shit, but when he tried to jump, I busted him upside the head with a smoothy
by DICKSTRATEN July 10, 2008

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