a sleazy, quick talkin guy whos only ambition in life is to lay women.
he's abit of a smoothie
by frenchie April 24, 2003
person that shaves his or her pubic hair, for hygenic or sexual reasons.
That smoothie had the cuttest little bald pussy I ever saw.
by BDI April 14, 2003
When you get roofied and wake up with no underwear and shaved completely smooth....
I dropped some Rohypnol (roofie) in her drink and gave her a smoothie...

Went from Shag carpet to laminate flooring *grins*
by Runcle Paul November 20, 2013
Sperm in the mouth as a result of a blowjob. Also a sperm smoothie or a cum smoothie.
Q: Did you get anywhere with that redhead last night?

A: Yeah, she blew me and I gave her a smoothie.
by nikki.t September 18, 2010
.....this is when you know that someone pulled a fast one and went under the radar to deflect attention as they know they violated at least one law. Hard to prove wrong doing but you know they did something wrong.Hinky meter time.
The politician pulled a smoothie when he said he just so happened to be going to the mens washroom to wash his hands.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
The the term given to all Arab people who have soft and smooth hands.
Damn why are your hands so soft you fucking smoothie
by SeanMarcusJamieson December 07, 2009
A person who shaves or otherwise removes the hair from his/her pubic area
There were lots of smoothies at the nudist resort.
by iamsmooth January 02, 2005

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