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The secret moon that SNASA goes to.
Barney: I’m actually in a top secret government space program called Secret NASA—or SNASA. Have I been to the moon? Well, not the moon you’re familliar with. But I have been to the… Smoon
by 7opher April 15, 2010
Smirnoff goon bag

premixed vodka that comes in a 2 liter box cask. made to look like box wine aka goon. available in Australia.
im taking smoon to the party to give me the alcoholic look without the bad taste of real goon
by mrmrmrmrmr December 21, 2011
Snorting Milk Out of Nose
Used in IM chats, to signify something even funnier than ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)
by Giuseppe Ciaramitaro February 22, 2005

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