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Fancy dress party held by veterinary students in Queensland Australia, first and last friday of every semester. Themes are revealed a week ahead of time, respect is given to those who produce funny/witty/amazing costumes for the theme in this time. Frequent nudity from the male contingent when they take the Eagle Rock too far.
I cant wait for friday Harder faster stronger better; Olympics SMOKO is going to be awesome!
by Pilcherini August 05, 2008
a slang term used on building sites in Australia, meaning a morning-tea break, or a smoke break.
"we'll knock off at 11 for smoko"
"grab us some pies for smoko"
by Drago March 28, 2003
a slang term used widely in Australia to denote breaks given by law to smokers in Australian business. Due to a quirk in the laws a smoko must be given to a smoker if requested, but if theyre not a smoker, they cannot request a similar break, even if the smokers in the office take a smoko frequently
"Im off for smoko"
"smoko break!"
by Draegath March 12, 2003
1. a break, more literally a cigarette break.

2. to have a cigarette break
1. Go have a smoko.

2. Go smoko.
by bread infection November 22, 2009
1. Also the cannabis itself.
2. Or cheap 'rollie' ciggarette tobacco.
1. "Got any smoko on ya brudda?"
2. "I bought a bag of smoko this morning. They didn't have 'Drum' so I got 'Winfield Red' instead."
by Diego September 11, 2003
The Above, but is also an Australian term used to describe smoking cannibus at any time.
"Keen to go for a smoko?"
"Yeah, I had a smoko when I woke up this morning."
by Diego September 04, 2003
The gas station Sunoco when they sell cigarettes and everyone buys them and smokes them outside the gas station.
When I went to smoko there was a gang smoking cigarettes.
by thebesturbandictionaryuser1234 November 24, 2011