Named after Smo-----------------------When too girls suck a guys dick at the same time but rather than taking in it in the back of their throat they both suck on the sides of it at once. So they pleasure you and you watch them make out from either side of your dick
Damn those girls gave me the best smojob i've ever had, They made me cum in buckets!!!!
by Stefan Smo,,,,, January 24, 2003
Top Definition
Founded by the great Smo. It is when you titty-fuck a girl so hard that her chest bruises very badly and is unable to titty fuck again until the bruises heal.
Girl: omg look at my chest its all bruised!
Other girl: What happened?!
Girl: I got a smojob and I regret it!
by Smojobbb October 27, 2010
A smoking blowjob, or giving head while smoking.
by smojo June 28, 2003
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