A smoking hobo. A person who enjoys weed and playing the guitar rather than focusing on his or her life.
There is a smobo outside my door, so I gave her a quarter.
by Dionna King March 01, 2005
Top Definition
Adjective describing something exceedingly superior
See: awesome owns
That game is so freakin' smobo.
by SuperficialBob April 22, 2005
The act of smoking marijuana. Two words are combined in this abbreviation. Smoke and Bowls.
1. Hey guy, wanna go smobos?
2. It's been a while since I hit dat, lets smobos.
by Chaospally May 22, 2008
Any person who rather smoke weed than doing anything life related.
There is a amobo sitting outside of my door, I gave her a quarter.
by Dionna King & Lauren Jacobs April 04, 2005
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