An acronym, used in blogs such as "Bossip," which means shaking my head.
The columnist Ann Coulter and Jimmie, J.J., Walker arrived at the TV Land awards together, SMH.
by Metaview June 22, 2007
SHAKE MY HEAD (In Negative Fashion)...(as in side to side)
Boy 1: Hey, we have been friends for a while now right?
Boy 2: Yes.
Boy 1: Well, Im Gay, and i like you.
Boy 2:
by Six- January 19, 2009
Stupid Mad Hoe
mumu is such a SMH!
by the queen of Arabia March 17, 2010
a noise similar to "psshhhh" but its "smhhh" one uses it when frustrated/annoyed
I just lost my wallet and it had like 100 bucks in it...smhhh!
by chunkymoney123 September 05, 2010
Meaning so much hate. f can be put in to it to mean so much fcking hate.
Aye betch why you talkin shit? smh...
by JujuBear1821 January 04, 2012
"Steady My Head"
To be said after something ridiculous or embarassing (to someone else) happens.
Essentially telling someone that you need to have your head "steadied", in reference to the head shaking in dissaproval or moving with laughter, because what has just occured it so outrageously funny or embarassing to the other person.
This can be pronounced verbally as "smhhh" or "smuh".
Dude: You look mad nice girl.
Chick: Can't say the same bout you.
Other Dude: SMH (smhhh)!
by IamE1337 October 18, 2009
Shakinqq my headd
Why wouldd you play me like that , smh ?
by Sunshinee' lovee <33 ; April 07, 2010

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