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serious mother fucking business
jeff you doing some smfb today?
by creamyhamstrings January 25, 2008
Super Mother Fucker Bitch (S.M.F.B)

Song by Miyavi who is a Visual Kei Japanese Rock Singer
The song S.M.F.B. is in the album Torture by Miyavi
by iEros October 11, 2010
Suck my fuckin balls , SMFB
I told my girlfriend christina to suck my fuckin balls. SMFB XTINA!
smfbs means, "shake my f*cking ball sack." This is a verb.
Amanda to Jesse-you are dumb!
Jesse to Amanda-well u can smfbs!
by funigirl July 11, 2011
SMFBS- an acronym which stands for 'so much fucking bull shit.'
Used in times of what the fuck or shit out of luck moments.
Usually not used in person, mainly via internet or text.
Me-" I heard Jeff got arrested"
Someone-"For what?"
Me-"He was in the car with some guy that had 20lbs. of meth."
Someone-" Wtf? thats smfbs"
by FUCKYOURWORLD October 18, 2009
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